Tried and True: Vera

By Morgan Culhane

Drinking and dining at Vera is an experience. The ambiance here is everything. Every element is carefully considered. Dim lighting, intimate seating and eclectic artwork. Think date night vibes.

Vera is known for its craft cocktails, and rightly so. These beautifully crafted creations are unreal. There’s a cocktail for every kind of drinker on the menu. Vera’s bartenders are artists and these cocktails are masterpieces. Choose your favorite spirit, and get ready to taste perfection in a glass.

Earheart cocktail at Vera

photo Morgan Culhane

Cocktail Recommendation: Earhart, Roho and Call Me Later for $10 each.

The menu changes seasonally, but right now my top 3 picks are the Earhart, Roho and Call Me Later.

The Earhart combines vodka, elderflower, fresh berries and mint for a drink that’s fruity and sour. The Roho is aged rum based, with dry red wine, a sprinkle of brown sugar and a lime garnish. This drink is subtly sweet in all the right ways. The Call Me Later combines aperol, honey, and grapefruit complement the tequila for a drink that’s slightly bitter, slightly sweet, and totally refreshing.

In all honesty, you can’t go wrong with any of the cocktails on the menu. And yes, I am admitting I’ve tried almost all of them.

Pepperoni Pizza at Vera

photo Morgan Culhane

First-Timer Recommendation: Pepperoni Pizza for $15

If you’ve never dined at Vera, your taste buds are in for an experience. This Pepperoni pizza is not your average pepperoni pizza. The thin crust is crisped to perfection and the sanguinaccio pepperoni and shishito peppers make for a combo that’s spicy, sweet with a side of smokiness.

Goat Cheese Pizza at Vera

photo Morgan Culhane

My Personal Recommendation: Goat Cheese Pizza for $15

The Goat Cheese pizza is my personal fave. When goat cheese is involved, I’m usually interested. This particular pie makes my list because of the red onion marmalade. The brown-sugar richness is accentuated when paired with the goat cheese making for a pizza that’s sweet, savory, and downright delicious.  

Overall Recommendation: Bring a Friend & Split

I recommend going halfsies on the pizzas. The more flavors you can try the better. Plus, you can go wrong with a $15 price point.

If you don’t go the pasta route, you have the option for a half portion at $15 or a full one at $25. The Pappardelle Bolognese is my dish of choice. Again, I recommend splitting because choosing just one dish is far too tricky.

Vera lives up to the hype. Plain and simple. So if you are meeting up for drinks, hungry for Italian food, or both, Vera is most definitely worth checking out.

220 Lexington Ave., Buffalo

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