This coffee shop has your new favorite caffeine fix

Overwinter Coffee Shop Buffalo, NY

photo Overwinter Coffee

by Amy Brooks, BDC Editor

If you’re anything like us, you know that a good cup of coffee awakens your soul in a way that nothing else does. Skeptical? Tomorrow morning, grab your favorite brew and pay attention to your reaction after the first sip.

Lucky for us, there is a new brick-and-mortar shop in downtown Buffalo that specializes in roasting and brewing that perfect, happy morning, finally actually awake, everything is better now, cup of coffee.

Overwinter Coffee opened at 9 Genesee St. this past Saturday, but the company isn’t new to the coffee scene. Co-owners Josh Halliman and Ben Trojan created Overwinter about a year ago as a coffee roasting business. Even if you haven’t heard of their brand, you might have had their coffee and espresso at Grindhaus on Allen or at Perks Cafe’s Elmwood or Main Street locations.

While they’re still working on the roasting and wholesale side of their business, having a consumer-facing shop of their own has always been a part of their plan.

“It’s been in the making since April of last year,” Josh explained, “We started roasting coffee in October up in Newstead, Akron. Since then, we’ve been working on building this space.”

Owners of Overwinter Coffee in front of their shop

photo Overwinter Coffee

 While anybody could stop by and enjoy the space, Overwinter is the perfect pit stop for coffee aficionados. As their filtered coffee (you know - the way you brew it at home or how you get it from Tim’s), they have a brew with beans from Ethiopia with blueberry and vanilla notes.

These aren’t added flavors, they’re tasting notes that can be picked out when drinking a specific brew. The flavors actually come from the way that the crop is processed. This particular process - called a natural process - lets the crop sundry with the coffee cherry on (yes, the coffee bean comes out of a cherry, but that’s a story for another time).

“It adds a fruitier flavor to it. So that’s not sprayed, that’s not treated, that’s just the flavor of the coffee.” Josh explained, “We’ll offer things similar to that that are naturally seasonal because the crop will run out.”

Along with their coffee products, Overwinter serves treats from Nature’s Apothecary. Not only do these items taste good, but they’re healthy and because of the nature of the recipes, there are also vegan options. Customers with plant-based diets will also find barista-grade soy milk and oat milk for their cappuccinos and lattes.

Overwinter Coffee

photo Overwinter Coffee

 Like to add something a little extra to your drink? Overwinter makes its own mocha syrup from single-origin Gahanna chocolate bean and its own vanilla syrup.

What you won’t find, though, are different cup sizes.

“We like to brew at a ratio that we think coffee tastes great at,” Josh said, “Sometimes larger volumes get watery, sometimes lower volumes get astringent. We like to pick something that we know works well and if you want more, you can always order more.”

If our visit was any indication, the sizes are satisfying, and if you’re an extra-large coffee drinker they create the perfect opportunity to try a few delicious option from the menu.

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