These meal prep plans make grocery shopping a thing of the past

by Colleen Colkitt

Let's face it. We’ve all heard about (or tried!) meal delivery services like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron and Sun Basket, but there’s something about shopping local that feels and tastes so good. The team at BDC put together a list of local meal prep services to help you get the healthy food you want, when you want it, and delivered right to your door or workplace.

Rosalie the Healthy Chef

Meal from Rosalie the Healthy Chef

photo Rosalie the Healthy Chef

This meal prep service is the epitome of having a home cooked meal. Owner and founder Rosalie has been in the restaurant business her entire life. She was born in Sicily and continues the tradition by using family recipes and quality food ingredients. You won’t find any preservatives in these meals!   

The food can be delivered to your home or office and you can “just heat & eat!” Visit her site to see the menu – it changes weekly.

Balanced Body

photo Balanced Body Foods

Finally, a service that makes it easy to track macros! Balanced Body is a fresh food meal prep company in Williamsville, specializing in fun and nutritionally balanced prepared meals.

Meals are portion controlled and ingredients are even weighed to ensure accuracy in nutritional labeling. They prepare meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus, no need to worry – they even have snacks and dessert options in addition to a full vegan and gluten free line. Be sure to keep an eye out for their second location set to open on Hertel Ave. this May!

Eat Rite Foods

Meal prep at Eat Rite Foods

photo Eat Rite Foods

If you’re looking for a healthy yet affordable meal program, Eat Rite Foods is right for you. They’ve got a long list of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, and you can get 10 meals for just $56! Some current meals to choose from include the Southwest Veggie Frittata, Smokey BBQ Steak Dinner (comes with sweet potato fries & green beans), Cajun Garlic Chicken (with steamed broccoli & baby red potatoes) and the Fiesta Taco Bowl.

If this isn’t making your mouth water, then we’re not sure what will! Either pick up your order or have it delivered, but this place is definitely one to add to your list.

95 Nutrition

photo 95 Nutrition

Are you the type of person who can either make it to the gym or eat healthy, but you can’t seem to pull off doing both at the same time? If so, then 95 Nutrition is the meal prep service for you! They offer 30 Day Challenges that make it possible for you to see results and feel great - even without the gym sessions.

Plus, eating healthy doesn’t have to mean almonds and kale! Some meals to expect include 95’s Garbage Plate, Bayou Bourbon Steak and the Brew Pub Burger. Plus, you’ll see some familiar names on there, like Fat Bob’s chicken taco and 95’s Chiavetta’s Chicken Cookout.

Cooked Buffalo

Meal from Cooked Buffalo

photo Cooked Buffalo

Probably one of the most user-friendly services in the area, Cooked Buffalo allows you to plan meals for yourself or the whole family. Try just one meal to start, or order one of the meal packages to lower the cost of each meal.

No matter what you’re looking for, chances are they have it. Choose from their different menus: Breakfast & Lunch, Dinner, Family or Skinny. Try their Slim menu for meals like the Fusion (Braised cabbage with ground turkey tossed in a sesame soy ginger dressing) or the Buffalove (Grilled buffalo chicken served with lettuce wraps topped with a greek yogurt ranch sauce and green onion). All of the menus have amazing options to pick from!

Feature Meals

photo Feature Meals

Feature Meals is one of the newer food delivery services to choose from, and they’re opening a new location on Chippewa! In this sit-down eatery, you’ll find bowls, yogurts, granola, kombucha and smoothies. They have other lunches and sides, but the meals will all be low carb and protein rich.

Some items on the menu include Paleo Chicken Salad, California Bunless Burger & Sweet Potato Home Fries and Teriyaki Turkey Meatballs. Feature Meals can also customize your meals, keeping a macro diet in mind or other dietary restrictions.

Hungry Yet?

From long work days to busy schedules, meal prep is impossible when life gets in the way. These local meal delivery services make it easy to have a balanced diet, so there’s #noexcuses when it comes to eating well.

Now the hardest part of cooking, is deciding which service to use! What’s your favorite meal prep service? Comment and let us know.

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