These 4 wine pairings are a match made in heaven, and they're all available in Buffalo

When it comes to finding a wine to go with your meal, there are pairings that work, and then there are pairings that taste as though they were made for each other. Lait Cru Brasserie is a restaurant where you can find the latter, complete with a classy, laid-back atmosphere.

This Wednesday, Buffalo Dinner Club members were lucky enough to experience this ambiance first hand, with the added bonus of a custom menu designed by Lait Cru owner Jill Gedra and David McMurray, the local sales representative for T Edward Wines.

Dinner at Lair Cru Brasserie

We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better duo to guide us through our first wine pairing dinner. The set menu had four courses served along with four glasses of wine. The dishes spanned from salty to savory to sweet and the flavors of the wine complemented each dish beautifully.

To make the meal even more fun, the menu featured items that many of the members hadn’t tried before as well as some familiar treats. One member, who had never tried an oyster before, had the chance to taste them expertly prepared in three different ways - raw, fried and Rockefeller. The wine paired with this dish was a white Château L'Oiselinière De La Ramée Muscadet 2015. McMurray explained that the bright acid, citrus notes and bright minerality made this wine the best choice to pair with the salty seafood.

Chef at Lait Cru preparing food

Another member was a cheese lover who got to sample creamy Coupole, a goat cheese made in Vermont, for the first time. He was delighted in the way the flavor mingled with the white Vincent Raimbault Vouvray Sec Bel Air 2014, claiming this pair as his favorite.

McMurray and Gedra not only presented each dish, but also gave guests enticing tidbits of information about the food and wine they were enjoying and explained the characteristics that made them pair well. Each presenter went as far as to give BDC members a taste of the history around the places the wine was grown and even the name and a short background on the woman who made the cheese that was served.

Pouring wine at Lair Cru

The amount of planning and detail that went into preparing the meal was more than apparent by the time the third course was brought out - a Braised Lamb Crepe partnered with a red Bruno Du Bois Cabernet Franc 2015. By then, diners had full faith in McMurray and Gedra’s culinary prowess and were even more excited for each dish then they had been at the beginning of the meal.

The final course, a sweet and delightfully sour Lemon Surprise Pudding, was paired with a bubbly Lise Et Bertrand Jousset Cuvee Rose A Lies 2016. These bright flavors danced on diners’ tongues and left everyone in a cheerful mood.

Buffalo Dinner club members at Lait Cru

If you have not had a chance to visit Lait Cru for yourself, this restaurant comes with Buffalo Dinner Club’s highest recommendation. For cheese-lovers, Nickel City Cheese and Mercantile, located in the same space, offers classes that go in-depth on different styles.

Buffalo Dinner Club at Lait Cru

If you were able to attend, we hope you had a wonderful time. Please show your support for Lait Cru and leave them a review on their Facebook page.

Buffalo Dinner Club members at Lait Cru

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