Take Your Restaurant Experience to the Next Level

By Morgan Culhane

Salad at Osteria 166

I’m a foodie. 100%. Eating and drinking are two of my favorite hobbies. If you are reading this blog, I'd bet you love food just as much as me.

Foodie to foodie -- you want this VIP membership in your life.

Imagine a world where you save over and over again at some of the best restaurants around. That’s the VIP life, Buffalo Dinner Club style.

Your membership gets you 15% off your food bill at 30+ participating restaurants. Plus, $5 off BDC event tickets. So, you’re thinking how much does this cost. The first option is $10 a month. This means you need to spend $67 at restaurants throughout the month to get your money’s worth.


But seriously, it’s really easy. If you live the foodie life, and you know that’s easily accomplishable in one week.

Here’s an example:

  • Morgan & Molly go to Osteria 166.
  • Morgan & Molly are both VIP members.
  • Morgan & Molly order the Kale Salad, Stuffed Pepper Pizza, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Cannoli Dip, and Strawberry Cake.
  • Everything is AMAZING per usual.
  • The total is $67. The VIP total is $56.95. Molly & Morgan save $10.05.

That’s $5 each in one meal. Aka only $5 more to go. Challenge accepted.

Stuffed pepper pizza at Osteria 166

I mean, look at this pizza! How can you not want this pizza?

The bottom line = if you go out to dinner twice a month, this membership is so worth it. With two dinners and one event, you are easily making $.

If you want this every month, opt for a yearly membership for $100. With this option, you get two months for free aka your membership pays for itself even faster.

Couples this one is for you. Couple memberships are $15/month or $150 a year. Yes, couple memberships are for frouples, too. If your best friend is a foodie, do this together. The breakdown here is $7-ish each a month or $75 each a year (yes, that’s $6-ish a month a person).

How many memberships do you already have? How many of those memberships do you actually use? Cancel your least favorite, and get yourself a Buffalo Dinner Club VIP membership. This is a membership you will use, and you’ll use it often. And you just might just feel super cool doing it.

Dessert at Osteria 166

Have your cake and eat it, too...or just eat two pieces of cake. 

The restaurants love this membership program, too. Take Osteria 166 for example, we had the pleasure of meeting the owner himself. His name is Nick, and we like Nick. He was super accommodating and friendly.

Buffalo Dinner Club is all about taking the restaurant experience to the next level. Our events accomplish this mission. Our VIP membership program simply lets you do it on your terms.

Buy a membership. Pick a participating restaurant. Go there. Enjoy a 15% discount again and again. This list is legit aka you’ll find your favorites and soon-to-be favorites on our list.

Interested yet? Get your membership here.

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