Proud Mary & Miss Mimosa: A Story of A Buffalo Proper Brunch


There’s nothing better than a mimosa or bloody mary on a Sunday morning - except when they’re bottomless.

Last Sunday, 50 Buffalo Dinner Club members headed to Buffalo Proper to load up on vitamin C for four whole hours of good drinks, good company, and of course, delicious food.

BDC members had the second floor to themselves which meant that they could spread out, hang out and drink up. Popping around from table to table to socialize, many members decided not to order food right away. Instead, they took their time enjoying their drinks and deciding what to choose off of the mouthwatering menu.

When it comes to brunch, Buffalo Proper knows how to create a meal that looks as good as it tastes. They also know how to create some serious cases of indecisiveness in their diners. How could you choose between an 8 oz prime beef burger - complete with bourbon and sorghum glazed ham, béchamel, swiss, gravy mustard - and pork belly served with ricotta pancakes, lemon curd, berry sauce and a fried egg?

While mulling the decision over with a mimosa, some members instead opted for broiled grapefruit - with anise sugar, black quinoa, white cow dairy yogurt, granola and fruit - or harissa-spiced tomato ragu with white cow dairy labneh, feta and Breadhive’s sourdough epi bread.

The restaurant even knows how to bring a bagel to the next level by taking a freshly-made everything bagel and serving it on a plate with cured salmon, charred tomato, shaved onion, mache, avocado and Boursin spread - letting diners choose their favorite combinations to pile on to each half.

BDC members, who were experiencing serious cases of FOMO when other diners’ meals were brought out, got to feel a smug sense of satisfaction when their own plate was placed in front of them. Luckily, every decision turned out to be a good one.

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