Nine29: Your new favorite neighborhood bar

By Morgan Culhane

Elmwood Villagers, a new bar is open and it’s designed with you in mind.

Mezza, known for its Mediterranean fare inspired by age-old Lebanese recipes, closed its doors in February. The newly-branded Nine29 just opened in its place. The same owners are running the show, but with a new vision: creating everyone’s new favorite neighborhood bar.

Nine29 interrior

photo from Instagram @n29bar

After eight years in business, the owners saw an opportunity for a change. Before making the switch, they asked the people what they wanted. Simple, cozy and comfortable seemed to be a common theme.

“We decided to cater to our regular crowd. Cater to the Elmwood Villagers,” co-owner Johny Eid said.

You can expect pub fare and brick oven pizzas plus 10 beers on tap, a bountiful whiskey selection, local spirits and mid-range wines. Think drinks you want to drink and can actually afford.

The vibes for this place sound ideal and totally neighborly. Cozy and comfortable enough to grab a drink solo, but also a super sweet spot to watch a Bills or Sabres game with your drinking crew.

Nine29 bar

photo from Instagram @n29bar

Built entirely from reclaimed barn wood, the new bar looks beautiful, and there’s now extra seating because sitting at the bar is the best. They plan to be open for lunch, happy hour, dinner, and late-night bites aka if you’re hungry and/or thirsty, chances are they’ll be open. We also heard a new patio area is in the works. Summer, are you here yet?

By shifting the focus, Nine29 hopes to become a spot where locals regularly come to grab a drink after work or meet up with friends on the weekend.

When asked what he is most excited about Johny said, “The entire place to be honest. We’re offering a whole different experience.”

Nine29 food

photo from Instagram @n29bar

Stop by 929 Elmwood to see for yourself and check out Nine29’s Instagram to get pumped before you go out.

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