Get your shine on

by Amy Brooks, BDC Editor

Grab your phones and get to Sato Brewpub for the debut of their newest creation that’s sure to make all of your Insta followers crazy with FOMO.

Tonight, Sato is releasing a trio of beers with a twist - each one is filled with swirls of sparkles that will make your unicorn fantasies come true. With Brewnicorn, a new, magical IPA, Peppy Hare, Sato’s sparkly take on their popular Rabbit in the Moon Table Beer, and Gold’s Lager, their Shimbo Rice Lager pumped up on glitter, there is a shining, shimmering beer perfect for everyone’s palette.

Sparkle Beer at Sato Brewpub

photo from Instagram @satobrewpub

For anyone thinking “glitter beer!?” in a less-than-enthusiastic way, let’s set the record straight. The shine in this brew is not what you’ll find clinging to every article of clothing you’re wearing after opening up a glitzy greeting card. Glitter beer is made with FDA approved food grade dust.

And for those who are concerned with what will happen *cough* after you’ve consumed these sparkles, rest easy. The dust, much like the shimmer used to decorate cookies and cakes, dissolves quickly after it’s consumed.

In fact, the rate that the sparkles dissolve means that it has a relatively short shelf life. Brewers add the glitter to kegs along with the freshly brewed beer, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

If you’re a cocktail lover, Sato has you covered tonight, too. They’re releasing their new cocktail menu which may or may not *wink* include glitter as well.

When you get there, be sure you have room for dinner because this restaurant - Buffalo's first Izakaya, Yakitori, & Ramen and the first Japanese Brewpub outside of Japan - has dishes that will make your tastebuds as excited as your social media following.

Can't make it out tonight? Stay tuned to Buffalo Dinner Club's Instagram for an inside look at the new releases.

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