Four ways to eat local on your next picnic

photo Lucie Capkova

by Amy Brooks, BDC Editor

There is nothing like summertime in Buffalo. We might be known for cold weather and long winters, but we also know how to make the most of the few months of sunshine we get.

Concerts on Canalside? Check.

Hikes at Chestnut ridge? Check.

Shakespeare in the park? Check.

But having all of this #funinthesun can make you hungry. So here are a couple of things we do so we can eat local on picnics in our favorite parks.

Stop by a bakery

Bread from Five Points Bakery

photo from Instagram @fivepointsbakery

We’re trying to think of something better than warm bread from Five Points Bakery or Breadhive, but we can’t. Pick up a loaf of bread or a bagel to make the base of your favorite sandwich, or just eat it on it’s own. If you’d rather buy your sandwich already made, Breadhive has breakfast and signature sandwiches that you can take to-go and for dessert, breadhive has pastries that you’ll thank yourself for buying.

Grab and go


photo from Instagram @lloydtacofactory

Sometimes it’s nice to make your picnic at home, and sometimes you just want something you can grab and go. We all have our favorite Buffalo restaurants and quick food stops, so why not just order your food to go? We recommend Ru’s Pierogies or Lloyds Taco Factory. Both brick-and-mortar shops have food trucks, and their food is pretty easy to eat on the go. If you’re near Elmwood, you might want to stop by Globe Market, there is 5 minute parking behind the restaurant for people who are picking up orders!

Go to the market

photo Root + Bloom Cafe

Question: What’s more local than a farmer’s market? Answer: Nothing. Swing by your nearest farmers market and pick up all the fresh food you could want for your own farm-to-picnic lunch! Can’t make it to the market? Look for restaurants and shops like Root + Bloom and Nickel City Cheese and Mercantile that have their own mini-markets every day!.  

Satisfy your sweet tooth

photo from Instagram @fairycakesbuffalo

Have a sweet tooth? Swing by Fairy Cakes for a frosting topped treat! If you don’t know what to buy, try their winning flavors from the Cooking Channel’s Cupcake Showdown - Sesame, Peanut Butter Banana and Blueberry!


Does this make you want to pack up a picnic of your own? Let us know where you go to get your favorite local picnic foods!

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