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Photo from Instagram @12gatesbrewing

photo from Instagram @12gatesbrewing

By Amy Brooks, BDC Editor

At Buffalo Dinner Club, we don’t just eat local, we drink local too. We know how much time and effort distillers and brewers put into crafting products that you’ll love to drink. So we wanted you to be able to get these drinks right from the source - at a discount of course. 

That’s why we’ve expanded our VIP membership to cover breweries and distilleries, too!

Now, VIP members can use their card to get discounts at Buffalo Distilling Company, 12 Gates Brewery and Resurgence Brewing Co. with more participating breweries and distilleries coming to the list soon!

Buffalo Distilling Company

860 Seneca St

Buffalo Distilling Company

photo from Buffalo Distilling Company's website

Buffalo Distilling traces its roots back a hundred years. Back in 1893 Buffalo was in its prime. Gaining national and international recognition for its advancements in electricity, the economy was booming.

While Buffalo was thriving, Buffalo Distilling company was born. The temperance movement in 1918 put the company on a prolonged hiatus until 2017 when the Buffalo Distilling Company officially returned to the city limits.

Located in Larkinville, the company currently holds tours and tastings as well as a cocktail bar and a food menu of “morsels.”

Buffalo Dinner Club members can enjoy 10% off their food at $1 of cocktails when they show their card during their visit.

12 Gates Brewing Company

30 Earhart Drive

photo from Instagram @12gatesbrewing

If your GPS takes you to a business park on your way to 12 Gates, don’t worry, you’re in the right place. Just follow the signs and you’ll see the building nestled in the back next to some green space.

Inside, the tasting room is everything you want in your local brewery - knowledgeable staff, a variety of beer styles, some flatbread pizzas, and games to play while you drink. Behind the bar, there’s even a window so you can see out into the brewery.

When you go, show your VIP card to the bartenders for $1 off every pint of beer!

Resurgence Brewing Company

1250 Niagara St


photo from Instagram @resurgencebrewingco

photo from Instagram @resurgencebrewingco

You might know Resurgence Brewing from one of the many “Buffalo’s Best Patio” lists that it’s on. The lists don’t lie. Resurgence has a great outdoor space with a huge fire to sit around, picnic tables and an area to play cornhole.

There are giant Jenga-like sets and a large Connect 4 game that make appearances both inside and outdoors. In the warmer months, Resurgence opens its wall made of garage doors to the warm summer breeze.

What’s better than an amazing atmosphere? Delicious, discounted beer! At Resurgence, BDC members can enjoy $1 off every pint every time you visit. Just make sure to show your card to the bartender.

More Coming soon!

We keep adding to this list to give you more value with your membership. What other breweries and distilleries would you like to see us add to the membership?

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