Deep South Taco is the summer spot you’ve been looking for


by Amy Brooks, BDC Editor

Taco Tuesday is great and all, but at the BDC we find excuses to chow down on our favorite Mexican food all week long.

This summer, the weather has been gorgeous (if a bit warmer than we Buffalonians are used to) and we want to take advantage of it as much in possible. That means that our time out of the office is spent on the patio, and Deep South Taco’s patio is one that you don’t want to miss.


photo from Instagram @deepsouthtaco

photo from Instagram @deepsouthtaco

Ok, so actually their patios (yes, plural) are ones you don’t want to miss. There are three locations - one on Hertel, one downtown on Ellicott and a third on Transit road in Lancaster - each with its own awesome outdoor seating area.

When you get to any Deep South Taco location, you can walk out their signature yellow garage doors (because yes, the area does have to be closed off during the winter) to get to their large outdoor area complete with a bar and ample seating.

Some tables have umbrellas to give shade, and others are placed so you can soak up the sun. Strings of lights hang from above to give the place a hip atmosphere into the night. Oh - and there is a huge screen and projector perfect for movie nights.

Beat the Heat

photo from Instagram @deepsouthtaco

photo from Instagram @deepsouthtaco

Not used to this crazy summer heat? Cool down with a margarita or squeeze a little fresh lime on your taco. Because yes, the ambiance of a restaurant is important, but the food is key.

We recommend that you start off with chips and salsas (again, that plural is not a typo). You get to choose three of seven different type of salsas. The combinations are endless! Ok, not *quite* endless, but we’re here to eat, not do math.

Love your guac? Deep South makes their guac with toasted pumpkin seed, cotija and and radish. Ten points for flavor.

Then, if you’re in a sharing mood, go for “el tiny plates” - it’s a Spanglish menu. Get crispy pork skin, tres cheese tequila queso and cheddar and jalapeno churro bites - because churros are too good to only have for dessert.  

photo from Instagram @deepsouthtaco

photo from Instagram @deepsouthtaco

Now it’s time for the main event. Try a Down South sizzling fajita platter, a seven-pound full sized Lucha-rito, or a Nacho Libre Platter.  

Wash it down, with one of their 10 featured tequila drinks - 16 if you count all of their margaritas. Not a tequila fan? Deep South also has sangria, bloodies, whisky, bourbon, and rum specials. Not to mention their own Lucha Brew brewed in partnership with 42 North.

Question: Can it get better?

Answer: yes. Deep South Taco is a BDC participating restaurant. That means that VIP members get 15% off their food bill every time they go. Yeah, we’ll take another order of guac, thanks.

Right now, and through the end of July, you can get a year-long VIP membership for half price. Yes, 50% off. We have over 40 participating businesses and we’re introducing new ones all the time. So the real question is, what are you waiting for?

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