A night at Gypsy Parlor

Strings of lights illuminating iridescent scarves that hang draped from the ceiling, and tarot cards shellacked onto tabletops, are just a couple of the touches that give the Gypsy Parlor patrons an incredibly unique experience.

But if the ambiance is good, the food is great. The Gypsy Parlor is often known best by the late-night crowds. It’s a laid-back bar with a billiards room, dance floor and stage. However, their dishes, which vary from samosas to cheese steak, are what really make it a hidden gem in Buffalo.

Gypsy noodles at Gypsy Parlor Buffalo

This Saturday, Buffalo Dinner Club members gathered at the Gypsy Parlor to get an inside look at this unique restaurant and a special taste of some of their best dishes.

For the first hour, members mingled at the bar, ordering Herbal Remedies (cocktails with vodka, lavender bitters, rosemary and house made quinine), Gypsy Juice (made with apricot, ginger. lemon, black currant and any liquor you’d like), house wine and beer.

Gypsy Parlor Owner with Buffalo Dinner Club PresidentFor the first course, members were served either summer rolls filled with fresh, crunchy vegetables and paired with a spicy peanut dip or Gypsy Noodles, the restaurant's take on chicken noodle soup made with roasted chicken thighs, carrots San Marzano tomato and crostini.Members were then invited to sit family-style at a single long table where the Gypsy Parlor owner Gabrielle Mattina explained the dishes that she chose to put on the menu for the night.

The second course would be Bison Meatloaf made with fresh bison, wrapped in bacon with house ginger BBQ glaze, and baby red and parsnip smash, roasted seasonal vegetables, Vegan Ramen prepared with miso, tofu, ginger, sprouts, sesame, scallion, and leeks, or Cuban Pork served with vegan yellow rice and black beans along with candied plantains.

Making sure to leave room for dessert, members also enjoyed papanasi. This Romanian dish is made with deep fried cottage cheese, giving it a crunchy outside and creamy inside and topped with fresh fruit and powdered sugar for just the right amount of sweetness.

After dinner, members made their way back to the bar (or the dance floor) to digest, have a couple more drinks and get ready for a night out.


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