Ain’t no party like a BDC party

Because a BDC party has all you can eat pizza.

But seriously, the only thing better than all you can eat pizza is all you can eat pizza from Hydraulic Hearth. That is, all you can eat pizza from Hydraulic Hearth PLUS one Buffalo Distilling Co. cocktail.

Oh yeah, we do pizza parties right.

If you haven’t heard of Hydraulic Hearth yet, then now is the time to discover some of the best brick oven pizza in town. Owner Harry Zemsky and Head Chef Rick Gazzo learned from some of the top brick oven chefs in the “self-proclaimed pizza capital of the country” – New York City – and they pair this knowledge with a passion for helping other local businesses thrive. Their symbiotic partnerships with local companies like Community Beer Works, Breadhive Bakery and various food trucks have visitors feeling the #buffalove.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 5.24.57 PM
photo @hydraulichearth Instagram

But let’s talk pizza.  

Margarita and pepperoni are standard – and delicious – pies, but Hydraulic menu also includes combinations like their Nacho pie topped with ground beef, jalapeno, pickled red onion, tortilla and cheddar. There are also equally delicious veggie options like Larkin herbs and cheese with ricotta, mozzarella, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Hydraulic Hearth’s menu is highly specialized. They are more concerned with doing one thing really well than doing a whole bunch of things just alright, but for those who might not be feeling the ‘za – or just want something to whet their appetite while they wait for the pizza to cook – they also offer a variety of starters from a beet salad to charcuterie and cheese to swedish meatballs.

Mouth watering yet? Because there’s more.

If we know how to throw a party, we also know how to get one started. Before you dive into all the pizza you can eat, we put a drink in your hand – one courtesy of Buffalo Distilling Co. Buffalo Distilling is the city’s first bourbon and brandy distillery and is a New York State Farm Distillery. This means that a majority of their ingredients come from right here in NYS – talk about drinking local.

Think this sounds like your kind of party? Tickets are on sale now, but snag them quick and avoid that lurking case of FOMO.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 5.24.37 PM
photo @hydraulichearth Instagram

-by Amy Brooks

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