Local Restaurant Week – WNY

Two times a year it is the best week of the year for all of the self proclaimed foodies in Buffalo (myself included); welcome to Local Restaurant Week 2017 edition.

With the growing economy in Buffalo, it also inspired and incubated a great environment for several new restaurants to join the scene. Restaurant week is always a great time to get out there and try a new places that you drive by every day but never go into, or a new restaurant that just opened.

Here are my top picks to try for the rest of Local Restaurant Week here in Buffalo. The last day for restaurant week is Sunday, October 22 (so yes you can get brunch!)

31 Club

I have been here several times for Local Restaurant Week. If you are looking for something a little more upscale and fabulous, this is the place for you.
Check out all the details about the menu for the week.

The 31 Club’s history dates all the way to the 1940’s with its original incarnation of Buffalo’s exclusive supper club. The establishment catered to the socialites of the community that once filled the streets during Buffalo’s glory days. The name “31 Club” was derived from the address 31 Johnson Park, and the restaurant enjoyed more than four decades of success.– Provided by the 31 Club website

If reading about their history alone doesn’t make you want to check it out, their food is amazing too, so get dressed up and go to dinner!


Casa Azul

A new addition to the scene and Local Restaurant Week this year! I had the pleasure of being their ambassador for Dine Out for Life this year, and this places is amazing. Not only do they have award winning chefs, but they care a lot about our community, and helping communities all over the world!22338805_10104399974338108_7661400375813024668_o





Don’t forget to get dessert when you go!

Kennedy’s Cove

Last but not least my FAVORITE place for restaurant week dinner. If you have never been here before just go. You can’t make reservations so be ready to enjoy a drink at the bar while you wait. Don’t let the drive of their appearance keep you from having one of the best steaks and twice baked potato in your life.

Steaks are hand cut to order at Kennedy’s Cove. Guests can order a filet in any size they would like! Dave and Nadine recommend their own “blackened” seasoning on the steaks for full flavor.-provided by the Kennedy’s Cove website


See everything you can enjoy.

Remember to share you best food pics with

Buffalo Dinner Club


Cheers from the BDC Creative Director
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