Mother Cluckers! That’s good chicken

Food truck season may be nearing the end, but it’s not over yet! On October 3, Buffalo’s newest mobile take-out restaurant will be joining the city’s old favorites at Flying Bison Brewing Company’s Food Truck Tuesday.

The new food truck is actually a trailer that owners Sham and Janel Davis have been operating all summer on Old Falls street in Niagara Falls all summer. Their food? Flame grilled peri peri chicken, a flavor that is widely enjoyed in England and London – the city where Sham grew up and where the couple met and lived for eight years.

“It’s originally a Portuguese-African sauce,” Janel explained, “It’s got lots of citrus-ey flavors and spices – there’s a little bit of heat, a little bit of citrus, so it’s very unique, it’s not a barbecue-

photo Rachel Good

type flavor.”

When the couple moved back to Western New York, they realized that there wasn’t a single restaurant that sold their favorite food. Seeing this gap in the market, the pair decided to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Niagara Falls called Parkside Bar and Grill, and later a food truck.

Their dishes include a rice bowl with rice and beans, coleslaw, avocado and, of course peri peri chicken as well as “dirty corn” made similarly to Mexican street corn but with feta cheese and a painaise sauce made of peri peri seasoning and mayonnaise ad topped with paprika and cilantro. For those looking for a more straightforward meal, the couple sells their chicken with french fries and chicken burgers.

To accompany the meal, Mother Cluckers has a variety of sauces from hot and mild peri peri to garlic or lemon flavored peri peri sauces.

Anyone looking to try a new, delicious flavor that had the BDC team in peri peri heaven, should make sure to get to Flying Bison Brewing Company next Tuesday. Don’t wait, because Mother Cluckers will be rolling out of town for the winter months.

photo Rachel Good

But if you can’t make it Tuesday, don’t worry, the truck will be back in the spring. Follow Mother Cluckers on Instagram for more about where they’ll be and when! And don’t forget to follow Buffalo Dinner Club on Facebook and Instagram for the latest food news!

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