Sailing into the sunset

There’s nothing quite like the view of Buffalo from the water on a cool, end-of-summer evening.

In fact, we couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop for Buffalo Dinner club’s official launch party.

We boarded the Grand Lady with 70 dinner club members and sailed out onto the water for a 2.5 hour dinner cruise, but if the dining room and bar of the ship weren’t nice enough, the view we had was nearly breathtaking. The city that we all love so much stood in beautiful relief against the light blue-grey sky turning orange and pink as the sun set.

photo Rachel Good

As the ship started sailing, members got drinks from the bar paid for by our happy hour sponsor Primerica and hung out in the dining room and bar area or took their drinks to the bow of the boat for a photo op or to the upper deck to listen to Josh Geercken sing.

Eventually, everyone made their way into the dining room for a three course meal consisting of a garden salad, veggie entire or Captain’s choice served with filet mignon and chicken. Cheesecake with strawberry sauce and coffee were served for dessert.

While club members were finishing their meals, our President Steve Ambrose introduced our team and talked about some of the exciting plans that he has for the club. (We’ll be posting about these and so much more here on the blog and on Facebook, so stay tuned!)

After dinner, as it grew dark and we headed back to Riverworks where the Grand Lady docks, Josh Geercken went back on deck to play us in and club members moved the tables to turn the area into a dance floor.

While we were sad for the event to end, we are so excited that we don’t have to wait long until the next one! On Monday, Sept. 18, we’ll be getting together at Cantina Loco where we’ll chow down on some of our favorite Mexican food in Buffalo. What’s even better is that we’ve partnered with Lockhouse Distillery & Bar for tastings and cocktails made with spirits distilled right here in Buffalo. We can’t wait to see you there!
If you came to the event, make sure to give Grand Lady Cruises a review on Facebook or yelp! And don’t forget to keep an eye on out Facebook and Instagram for the latest and greatest happening at the BDC and tag us or use #buffalodinnerclub in any photos you took at the event!

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