Buffalo Dinner Club Event Preview: Midtown Kitchen (MTK)

The team here at Buffalo Dinner Club is getting ready for another delicious event. On August 17th, we’ll be getting together at MTK to check out what one of Elmwood’s newest restaurants has to offer.

Midtown Kitchen opened its doors just last August and boasts a modern interior with both bar and restaurant-style seating as well as a patio area perfect for happy-hours and live music. The patio is complete with picnic table seating, strings of edison bulbs, and jenga blocks.

Image by Midtown Kitchen

We’ve worked with head chef Adrian Bylewski to create a menu which shows that, though MTK is a great for late-night drinks, it’s got a lot to offer the dinner crowd. 

Tickets to our event are $45 and includes three courses from our exclusive menu as well and tax and tip. MTK will also be offering BDC guests a complimentary glass of rosé as they walk in.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook for more information on drink specials for the event. Don’t forget to check out our menu, and get your tickets before they sell out!

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